Group History

Trio's history started with the vision of one man: Ferruccio Battaglia, named "Bepi". Trio was founded by the Battaglia family, when Bepi, a true lover of motors, put his name on his first shop. Bepi initiated and developed "Auto Shop Bepi" retail, beginning first with cars repair and expanding later to car accessories sales. He believed that the characteristics found in supermarkets - clean, well-organized, accessible products and great customer service - could be applied to the automotive parts business. In 1970, his vision became a reality. On April 1979, "Auto Shop Bepi" opened its first store in Montebelluna. Today, "Auto Shop Bepi" is Bep's a respected company and the leading auto parts retailer in Italy. Today, Trio serves customers all around Italy tks their mega stores and by directly on-line and off-line sales. One of the constant, core foundations to Trio success has been strong culture of customer satisfaction. Trio company DNA is always put customers first! We are a rapidly growing company, but customer satisfaction is and will remain our number one priority.


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TV 31044 Italy
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